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November 16, 2004

The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

This translator will take what you write in it and turn it into the manner a 12-year-old AOLer would write it

Girlfriend's lap pillow

Just looking at the pillow made my heart race...

November 15, 2004

10 biggest brain damaging habits

How to preserve you brain. If you have one, read on...

Staples reinvents the stapler

Revolutionary One-Touch lives up to name

IM use 'should be monitored'

Employees using it to gossip rather than work, apparently...

Top 10 Best Songs about space

The numbers were close, but the Top 10 Space Songs chosen by the people are...

Company again touting weird soda flavors

Anyone for Bean Casserole and Mashed Potato?

November 12, 2004

Alice, Alice, who the F*** is Alice?

Try chatting with the Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. I tried and it was truly great fun!

MSN Search team blogs, admits bugs

In perhaps Microsoft's quickest ever response to a product flaw, the MSN search team has apologized for intermittent errors in the beta MSN search engine launched today. The format? A new blog

Questions you must ask a reporter before you agree to be interviewed

Sure it's exciting to get a call from a journalist. But before you start answering questions there are several you'd better ask. Or you could very publicly end up in very hot soup. And it will be entirely your fault

How did Yasser Arafat die?

Here's one interesting conspiracy theory. The comments below the post, I suggest be printed out, and read while seated on the potty.

What's the good Word?

Some handy tips while working with MS Word