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June 04, 2004

Why this blog

I am back with me, myself and my ego, after my danto.rediffblogs.com got deleted.
Hope you all enjoy it.
As all my posts on the Danto The Dumbo blog are no more, there may be some thoughts which will be back again. With more spunk, I hope.
Who am I? I am a deputy managing editor at India Abroad, a news weekly for Indian Americans. India Abroad is a rediff.com publication.
Previous jobs include:
Free Press Journal
The Daily
The Indian Post
The Daily (again)
Mid-Day (Mumbai)
Mid-Day (Pune)

Without doubt, the best time of my life and career was at The Indian Post.
My wife's Belasia, my daughter Annabelle and son Craig.
Food I love? Fish curry and rice.
My poison: rum.


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