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June 08, 2004

Congrats Aziz, Arthur, Paresh!

Three India Abroad/rediff.com staffers have won SAJA awards 2004:

Outstanding editorial/commentary/essay/op-ed on South Asia or South
Asians in North America
All media
1. Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek, for The Arrogant Empire: Why America Scares the World and What to do About it. A cover story that explained the world attitude to the US on the eve of the invasion of Iraq. This is Zakaria's third SAJA Award.
2. Anindya Mukherjee, Bloomberg News, for series of commentaries on the economy and finance of India and Pakistan.
3. Aziz Haniffa, India Abroad, for True Labor of Love. A column that highlighted the need for enlightened philanthropy in the Indian-America community.

Outstanding coverage of South Asians in the United States or Canada by
an individual journalist, 1994-2003
1. Viji Sundaram (India West) for her outstanding reportage on a variety of major issues affecting South Asians in the US, including a scandal involving a Berkeley landlord; how senior citizens are treated; and a national exclusive about McDonald's use of beef extract in its french fries. This is Sundaram's fourth SAJA Award.
2. Arthur Pais (India Abroad, India Today and elsewhere) for profiles of celebrities and non-celebrities; and for stories about South Asians in various walks of life.
3. (tie) Ashfaque Swapan (India West) for stories about topics such as politics and the backlash against South Asians after the 9/11 attacks and his annual roundups for the year's events from an Indian American perspective. This is Swapan's second SAJA Award.
(tie) Gaiutra Bahadur (The Philadelphia Inquirer, Austin American-Statesman, Newsday) for stories about topics such as hate crimes, immigrant workers, chutney-soca music and more. This is Bahadur's third SAJA Award.

Outstanding story on any subject
New Media
1. Anita Wadhwani, The Tennessean, for Sacred Strands. A four-part special report about how hair donated at temples in India makes the journey to Nashville for a variety of uses.

2. Leela Jacinto, ABCNews.com, for Acid Test. A report on how Bangladeshi victims of acid attacks struggle for justice. This is Jacinto's fourth SAJA Award.

3. Paresh Gandhi, rediff.com, for Jindal's Final Push. A photographer's chronicle of the final 40 hours of Bobby Jindal's candidacy for governor of Louisiana.

rediff.com/India Abroad also won a joint special recognition award for 'outstanding coverage of the death of Kalpana Chawla on the space shuttle Columbia.'


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